Welcome to our podcast: For the Sake of Argument. We are your hosts Aman Chahal and Candice Paton. We want to explore what makes critical conversation and debate so difficult in today’s world. How can we have better conversations?

Each episode will feature two different voices with two different perspectives on topics that range from the serious to the silly, from the curious to the timely. Structured debate will be our tool to inject some tension into otherwise everyday conversations and explore how we move through a discussion to try and co-create solutions to the big challenges out there.

Episode 5: ad infinitum (to infinity… and beyond) For the Sake of Argument

It seems like everyone and their electric vehicle is on their way into orbit these days, but is the cost worth it? With a real-life astronaut candidate facing off against a strong advocate for community engagement, we explore how these two debaters navigate this cosmic conversation. Definition: Be it resolved that we should continue to invest in space exploration. In our definition for this debate, "we" will refer to Canada and should we as Canadians continue to invest in "space exploration" which will focus on the human side of space exploration including our astronauts.
  1. Episode 5: ad infinitum (to infinity… and beyond)
  2. Episode 4: pari passu (on equal footing?)
  3. Episode 3: argumentum ad populum (appeal to the people)
  4. Episode 2: pro bono publico (for the public good)
  5. Episode 1: compos mentis (having command of mind)

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Aman Chahal
tech nerd, innovator
debate master

Candice Paton
science and technology communicator
curious conversationalist

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