Episode 0: ab initio (from the beginning)

What makes critical conversation and debate so difficult in today’s world? When the stakes are high or the topic is close to your heart, how can we meaningfully engage with someone who may not share our point of view? How can we develop the tools and strategies that let people with polarized opinions find common ground or acknowledge other perspectives? 

In “For the Sake of Argument”, Aman and Candice explore these questions and uncover some of today’s conversation roadblocks – those moments that “get your back up”, run emotions high or scare us. 

In each episode, we use structured debate as a tool to inject some tension into conversations between two people with different perspectives. This sets the stage for moments to practice and explore those uncomfortable moments in a discussion. We want to help highlight the tools and techniques that let people hold critical discourse in ways that foster great debate.

Let’s figure out how to talk to each other…. For the sake of argument.

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