Episode 1: compos mentis (having command of mind)

In our first episode, two of our favourite voices in the innovation ecosystem debate the relationship between necessity and invention. After the debate, we have a great discussion about “mic drop” moments, the challenges with being forced into position and having to argue your point, and how building bridges in everyday conversations can be helped or hindered by key moments. Spoiler alert: Both Bryan Helfenbaum and Aatif Baskanderi are debate “first-timers” and the structure gives them some food for thought on how elements of debate sometimes play into our conversations. 

Definition: Be it resolved that necessity is the mother of invention, where ‘necessity’ implies a critical need that is not met by current alternatives and ‘invention’ implies the creation of a new solution to satisfy the need.

Bryan Helfenbaum – Executive Director, Alberta Innovates
Aatif Baskanderi – CEO, The Northpine Foundation

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