Episode 2: pro bono publico (for the public good)

We are back with Episode Two, where we debate the hot topic: should speed limits be reduced on residential streets. How do Nishi (our hand-drawn lawyer) and Jack (road engineer) take on this subject? After the debate, we have a great discussion about how bringing data and evidence into an argument can help or hinder your case, what changes when we try to solve and issue versus convince a friend, and how well does debate serve those purposes? 

Definition: Be it resolved that speed limits should be residential streets, where ‘residential streets’ implies streets with houses, parking and a local element and ‘should be reduced’ implies the likely creation of a net social benefit.

Jack Mason – civil engineer, road designer, recent convert to seeing grey areas of an argument
Nishi Thusoo – lawyer, avid pedestrian/cyclist/motorist/transit road user,

Further Reading:
Book: The Influential Mind – Tali Sharot
Podcast: The Strategists – Stephen Carter, Corey Hogan, Zain Velji

And, as always: The fine print
The opinions and discussions presented in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests for the purposes of this podcast and unrelated to their professional work. This podcast generates no revenue.

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