Episode 3: argumentum ad populum (appeal to the people)

It’s easier than ever to share your thoughts and opinions with the world… but is anyone listening? And does anyone actually care? We hope you do… but this is the juicy topic we are exploring in Episode Three of For the Sake of Argument. Our podcast pairs two seasoned listeners to debate whether or not people care what others have to say.  

Definition: Be it resolved that no actually cares what you have to say, where ‘care’ implies the desire to participate in perspective taking and ‘what you have to say’ implies a personal point of view on a matter of importance to you, your community or society at large.

Juli Rohl – an animator for the Energy Futures Lab, and founder of Regenerate Alberta, she explores how Alberta can be a leader in the global energy transition and how to depolarize tough conversations.

Arsheel Hirji – does give a “bleep” about what you have to say and is a passionate city and community builder through his role as a leader in sustainable infrastructure.

Further Reading:
Study: Empathy and cooperation go hand in hand – University of Pennsylvania, ScienceDaily, April 9, 2019

Despite sometimes selfish instincts, cooperation abounds in human societies. Using mathematical models to explore this complex feature of social behavior, a team shows that the act of taking another person’s perspective — a form of empathy — supports the persistence of cooperation and altruism.

And, as always: The fine print
The opinions and discussions presented in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests for the purposes of this podcast and unrelated to their professional work. This podcast generates no revenue.

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