Episode 5: ad infinitum (to infinity… and beyond)

It seems like everyone and their electric vehicle is on their way into orbit these days, but is the cost worth it? With a real-life astronaut candidate facing off against a strong advocate for community engagement, we explore how these two debaters navigate this cosmic conversation.  

Definition: Be it resolved that we should continue to invest in space exploration. In our definition for this debate, “we” will refer to Canada and should we as Canadians continue to invest in “space exploration” which will focus on the human side of space exploration including our astronauts.

Jessica Lajoie– an environmental engineer with stars in her eyes and a passion for the blue marble we earthlings call home. Always ready to tackle challenges close to home, she is a strong advocate for her community in Calgary.

Logan Jones – has lived all over this blue marble from Edmonton to Toulouse, Miami to Waterloo. In 2016 he applied for the Canadian Astronaut recruitment program along with 3772 others. He made it into the Top 32 candidates but was not selected as one of the final two astronaut candidates.

Further Reading:
Video: Whitey on the Moon – by Gil Scott-Heron

Ten years from now I’ll be payin’ still.
(while Whitey’s on the moon)

And, as always: The fine print
The opinions and discussions presented in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests for the purposes of this podcast and unrelated to their professional work. This podcast generates no revenue.

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