about Candice Paton

Candice Paton loves how science and technology is communicated – especially when it comes to environmental and clean technologies. She has 15 years of experience in technology development and innovation in energy systems. She is a Fellow with the Energy Futures Lab, a recognized SHEinnovator and a 2020 Young Woman in Energy.

Candice completed her B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta and her M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Calgary. She also holds her Professional Engineer designation with APEGA.

Candice spends time thinking about the way we use language to get our point across. She loves telling stories (and is sometimes prone to using hyperbole for effect) and figuring out ways to communicate impact in meaningful ways. She and Aman go way back to 2004 when they formed a short-lived debate team for a competition.