Episode 5: ad infinitum (to infinity… and beyond)

It seems like everyone and their electric vehicle is on their way into orbit these days, but is the cost worth it? With a real-life astronaut candidate facing off against a strong advocate for community engagement, we explore how these two debaters navigate this cosmic conversation.

Definition: Be it resolved that we should continue to invest in space exploration. In our definition for this debate, “we” will refer to Canada and should we as Canadians continue to invest in “space exploration” which will focus on the human side of space exploration including our astronauts.

Episode 3: argumentum ad populum (appeal to the people)

It’s easier than ever to share your thoughts and opinions with the world… but is anyone listening? And does anyone actually care? We hope you do… but this is the juicy topic we are exploring in Episode Three of For the Sake of Argument. Our podcast pairs two seasoned listeners to debate whether or notContinue reading “Episode 3: argumentum ad populum (appeal to the people)”